Water Storage


Our concept of modular large-capacity water tanks can have an integrated desalination device for self-replenishment of water in coastal regions. This concept, even without a desalination device, can be used in remote areas without an equipped water infrastructure, and if necessary, it can be moved wherever a standard truck with a trailer can reach. The capacity of 1 module is 2000 m3, which should be enough for a dose of 5 mm of water per 40 ha or 10 mm per 20 ha. The modular water tank is ideal to fill in the spring when there is enough water in the waterways and can be stored here until it is needed.

In the future, we plan to cooperate with companies that deal with water desalination, and I want to propose a holistic system to ensure sustainable agriculture in areas with a lack of water but access to the coast. On the other hand, in the near future, we would like to test the system of modular large-capacity water tank in the area of Central Europe, where irrigation is already necessary in some places.

CCC = / Catch and cover crops/ 

Cultivation of CCC is difficult because sowing right after harvest usually means that if there is a lack of rain, it means that CCC will not grow and the soil is unprotected and the surface of the field is overheated.

This is another source for the water reservoir, to support growth in the first critical growth phase, while if we use soil protection technologies to sow CCC, the seeds will remain in the very top layer of the soil and at the same time we will minimize the loss of water after cultivation and also the need for rainfall volume for germination and CCC growth. The better and faster the growth of CCC will provide soil protection and a higher volume of organic green matter full of carbon and water. We then use our technology to store these important components stably in the soil for many decades. / According to the research of the German research institution Thuenen Institute report,, even after more than 40 years, the carbon deep in the soil remains stable.“

Water stored in the modular tanks can be applied to achieve agricultural production goals as well as to maximize the effect of carbon sequestration. Secondary use can be the strategic placement of modular tanks that can provide a large volume of water for firefighters in the event of fires in the area.