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Cccaarbon Killer


An innovative startup company with the aim of bringing new solutions for agriculture that will enable stable Carbon storage and Carbon Removal. These technological solutions were consulted by experts from practice and we believe that thanks to them our planet will be healthier and the soil will be enriched.

Carbon Killer

  1. In order to meet the goals set by the European Union, it will be necessary to apply new technologies, not only software, but also hardware in the form of new machines specially designed for fast, effective and, above all, long-term carbon sequestration /Carbon Removal.
  2. Our technology has the potential to be the first of its kind on the market.
  3. This new solution has an estimated performance of more than 8ha per hour. And estimated fuel consumption less than 1/3 compared to plowing.

Water Storage

The capacity of 1 module is 2000 m3, which should be enough for a dose of 5 mm of water per 40 ha or 10 mm per 20 ha. The modular water tank is ideal to fill in the spring when there is enough water in the waterways and can be stored here until it is needed.

About us

Founder and technology developer: Ing. Marek Mojzis 

I have more than 10 years of experience in agricultural crop production and am currently finishing my PhD. study at Faculty of Engineering on SPU. In practice, I had the opportunity to examine the reality of agriculture and its complexity on the family farm as well as in agricultural services and then in the service and dealership of agricultural and forestry equipment. I went through all the job positions from operating agricultural machinery, through the diagnostic technician for modern tractors to head of service to the sales representative.


Ing. Marek Mojžiš

Business ID: 55 107 940

Tax ID: 2121887900

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